Our Mission

Discipling students to be followers of Him and His mission to reach their campus now and their community for a lifetime.

Our Strategy

Campus Way trains and mentors student leaders who, lead, and disciple students in their own sphere of influence.  These student leaders then leads and implements Campus Way on their local campus to reach the student body.

What’s in the name: The WAY

From the initial stages of developing Campus Way there was desire to not be luke-warm in our faith.  Our goal is to be a student ministry is that is not just a place to hang out, but is a place where students truly deepen their faith.  Campus Way is committed to going deep and our mission is clear: To make disciple-makers.  Our full mission is to mentor students to be followers of Christ and His mission to reach their campus’ now, and their community for a lifetime. 

Jesus left his disciples and us the Great Commission to:  “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.  And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.”

This is why Campus Way exists, period.  We want to do our part to follow Jesus lead in making disciples.  

So why the Way ?  One of the most vibrant times Christianity ever had was when the first disciples were living out this mission.  The depth of their faith was evident.  People were coming to Christ in great numbers and the fellowship of the believers was heartfelt.  At that time another name used to describe the believers was that they were followers of “the Way”.  Since we admire so greatly their faith, Christ’s power displayed in them, and their passion for His mission we are both honored and humbled to have those qualities in our name.

Our History

Campus Way started as a vision in September of 2006 with the first group beginning at Kettle Moraine High School at the end of September of 2006.  It started with Jay Cavaiani, the director and 4 students. Campus Way does ministry through committed, trained leaders who then build a student leadership team with students that are very committed to their faith and living it out in their actions.  The students are mentored by the staff person to grow in their faith and to see their campus as their mission field.  We then give students the experience at a young age of being leaders who are active in ministry, receiving on the job training in helping other students become followers of Jesus Christ. 
What makes Campus Way unique is the spiritual depth of our ministry.  We believe in the students as leaders and that giving them leadership experience is critical to their development as followers of Jesus. Since 2006, Campus Way has ministered to hundreds of students from schools throughout western Waukesha County. Now we have former students involved as college and adult leaders. Its so wonderful to see the previous generation leading the next generation.